Subcontractor Services

Fulwood Construction works with many subcontractors in and around the Mississippi and Tennessee areas. Our jobs include, but are not limited to form contractors, framers, concrete finishers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, sheet-rockers, brick masons, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive an invitation to bid from Fulwood Construction?
We send out an email and fax invitation with information pertaining to the upcoming project. Once you receive the invitation you will have the opportunity to choose the scope of work you are going to submit your bid for; you can fax or email the invitation to bid back to us indicating if your company is bidding or not bidding.

How do I submit a bid to Fulwood Construction?
All bids can be faxed to (662)890-8949 or emailed to:

Are there requirements for being on your list of contractors?
We have the basic requirements for Commercial Contractors in Mississippi and Tennessee.
1. Licensed in trade.

2. Carry minimum up-to-date required insurance.

3. Be able to provide references for previous work.

4. Provide W-9.

5. Provide all vendors used for each project.

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